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Self-Ordering Kiosks for Revolutionising Your Venue

Simplify, Increase sales and Enhance

Increase order size

Studies say, customers order more when placing the order themselves rather than with a server. What’s more, you save on labor costs and improve same-store revenue right along with your customer experience.

Cut Waiting Time!
Now your customers can breeze through your restaurant line faster.
Improve customer service
Let customers place their own orders while your staff focus on parts of the experience that need a human touch.

Decrease Labor Costs While Increasing Revenue

The kiosk serves 24/7 for just a minor initial investment. Neither doest it get sick leaving you helpless nor needs intensive trainings for fast and efficient results. You can just relax while the kiosk gets you error free orders.

Start With Minimum Investment 

No monthly changes. Initial investment is less than a month’s salary of your waiting employee. High return on investment!

Full HD
With HD resolution on 32” screen your products come to life.
Kitchen Printing
Connected to your kitchen printer and Cibo Kitchen display system.
QR coupon
With inbuilt QR scanner, customers can redeem coupons.
With inbuild payment terminal, your customers can pay with Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Mobile Pay.

Start Saving Money Today!

Improving Customer Experience Can Help Beat Your Competition, Speedup Your Service and Boost Profits.